Largest and Most Populous U.S. Military Base Adopts VESTA®

On January 25, U.S. Army installation Fort Hood went live with the VESTA® Call Handling solution. Dispatchers within the base's 9-1-1 Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) now rely on the VESTA secure technology to help safeguard the people who work every day to keep us all safe.

Fort Hood, the world's largest and most populous military post, spans almost 215,000 acres and is host to over 45,000 assigned soldiers and 8,900 civilians. To protect these resources, four PSAP positions manage calltaking and dispatch of police, fire and EMS. In fact, last year, Fort Hood dispatchers handled approximately 500,000 calls which included 9-1-1 and admin calls from those living on base and working in its commercial businesses.

"Our dispatchers do everything," commends Keith Tillis, Fort Hood's 9-1-1 Supervisor since 2008. "We have some great people, and they have gone through a lot over the last several years and handled it all very professionally."

Keith, a former police officer of 25 years, says his goal is to make the job easier for the dispatchers. "They need a system that assists them, not make it hard for them. And from what I've seen so far, the new VESTA system is going to be a big assist."

The VESTA solution was designed with not only the emergency communication needs of PSAPs nationwide in mind, it was also engineered to meet the strict security guidelines of the Department of Defense (DoD). Its capabilities have enabled the solution to achieve Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) approvals and placement on the DISA Unified Capabilities Approved Product List. They have also allowed the adoption of nearly 150 VESTA Call Handling systems by DoD installations worldwide.

Though Fort Hood dispatchers have only been using the solution for a little over a month, Keith tells, with no hesitation, what functionality they find most valuable. "Mapping is probably the biggest thing our dispatchers really like about the new system. The ability to locate callers accurately is critical. We didn't have this before. What some may not realize is that many people don't know where they are when they call 9-1-1. This is a big plus for us."

Another component dispatchers are enjoying is VESTA's customizable user interface. "They really like how the console looks, the way it's set up and how they can customize it to the look they want."

From an administrator's perspective, Keith is excited about the VESTA's solution's management information system. "I'm looking forward to pulling the data from our day-to-day operations to help us make better decisions."

Supporting his team and their critical mission comes easy for Keith. "For me, the dispatchers are the heroes. I praise them." And it's their performance that fuels his passion for his own work. "I like to give people the tools and let them do the job."

What an honor it is to help provide the essential tools Fort Hood needs to keep its community safe through the VESTA solution. Learn why this military installation and so many others trust the home of VESTA® by calling 951.719.2100 or email us at